A collection of projects we have had the pleasure of completing, dosage yours could be next…


  • Here is a during shot.
  • Site services
  • It's cozy, but still showing some sharp lines of contrast to make things " pop"
  • Site services
  • Site services
  • The elephant has gone by but the tail is left. This shows nice stairs that still need to be stained. Move in date was tight!
  • Concrete Pathway
  • More photos of a custom build,great wood and tile flooring.
  • Check out the cool stairs! Awesome contrast that makes a lot of "pop"
  • Fine clean lines! The home owner/ designer really pulled it off with the neutrals and primary colors, Sometimes the homeowner can really bring it with their concepts then it's just a skilled install after that. We aligned all tiles so we would have one full tile at ceiling height. A brief note from my 27 years of construction experience, professional designers will help create that special space for you. A person can spend thousands on a project and not really pull it off other than "function".
  • Comfy den eh? I love the hand scraped look and feel.
  • Bathroom Vanity after the renovation. Totally updated the look
  • Fire place before
  • During
  • That's Builtru!
  • Might not be for everyone...
  • Drywall starting! Always one of the hurdles I look forward to.
  • Just a typical electrical and communication line install, concrete is next to protect the lines.
  • Here is a great example of the "Schluter Kerdi Line " of products. Shower base, soap dish, shower bench/seat,kerdi board and membrane.
  • Here is the finished product water proof and will be beautiful for a generation.


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